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Apply to be a Plantae Fellow




Are you a creative, articulate and web-savvy plant scientist looking to connect with other like-minded folks? We need your help to nurture and grow Plantae, the online community for the global plant science community.  We are looking for individuals who are interested in being highly engaged contributors by curating content and facilitating discussions. The benefits of becoming a Plantae Fellow include increased visibility within the plant science community and the opportunity to develop your skills as a digital content manager and science communicator. 

These are volunteer positions with a small honorarium upon the satisfactory completion of the term. The term of commitment: one year, the specific weekly time commitment is variable.

Plantae Fellows' tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Start/facilitate discussions tailored to specific networks
  • Contribute summaries to the What We’re Reading series
  • Guest-edit What We’re Reading series
  • Become a Plantae Community Network Leader
  • Organize and co-host virtual live events
  • Link to relevant events or news from the community, as well as other resources in Plantae
  • Curate or develop topical resources specific to networks and collections
  • Conduct and share interviews with plant scientists or scientists related to this field
  • Answer questions (or, better yet, nudge others to do the same)
  • Share and engage in important discussions with the rest of the Plantae community
  • Participate in quarterly Fellows virtual meet-ups
  • Suggest a project or initiative of your own design


Does this look like the perfect opportunity for you?

How to apply:

  1. Create your Plantae Profile. If you haven’t already, please create your profile on community.plantae.org (make sure to include a photo).  If you need help navigating the site, see Using Plantae.
  2. Please choose and complete one of the tasks from the list below. You can use something you have already created if it fits the task criteria below. All content must be uploaded to the Plantae community using the “create+” button. If you need help using this – we are happy to help!
    • Select a recent plant science paper and write a summary in the style of Plant Science Research Weekly.
    • Write an article about a public or school-based event celebrating plant science, such as a public lecture, tour, demonstration or exhibition.
    • Write an article and/or create an infographic about a science policy issue or about why it’s so important to support plant science research.
    • Create a shareable poster, video, or infographic featuring a current plant science research topic, suitable for high school students.
    • Start a discussion in Plantae about teaching and learning for plant science educators and get at least 3 community members to participate.
    • Create a short article, podcast or video about how plant sciences can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Interview a plant scientist about their career, challenges, and research focus and post as a discussion (you can use video or audio for the interview itself).
    • Write a blog post with your insights and advice for job seekers or grant writers
    • Feel free to choose any other exercise that will show us that you’re the creative, articulate, web-savvy individual we’re seeking to be part of our Plantae Fellows program.
  3. Complete the application form. Be sure to describe the task you completed and provide a link to it.

Submit your application using the application tab at the top of this page. Apply by 1 February 2020 for consideration.  

If you know someone else who might be interested, please forward this information to them.

Please contact Katie Rogers with any questions or for additional information.